Dos and don’ts before your first laser hair removal session

Dos and don’ts before your first laser hair removal session

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You have probably heard at least once about the laser hair removal treatment, but you still feel reluctant when it comes to resorting to it yourself. This is actually normal, since what keeps you from attention your first session is the lack of information. You do not know exactly what its benefits are, or most important the dos and don’ts you have to apply before your first laser hair removal session at a beauty clinic such as These are the dos and don’ts you have to consider before your first session.


Do choose the best beauty clinic

The first thing you have to take care of before you actually go to the first laser hair removal appointment is to make sure that the beauty clinic you have chosen is the best one in your region. This means that you have to do some detailed research to learn more about that specific clinic and even read what other people’s opinions are regarding the services it provides.

Don’t forget to shave the area

It is highly important to shave the area you are targeting one day before undergoing your first session, because the laser will locate and target hair roots a lot easier this way. It is recommended to use new razors and to pay great attention when shaving the area in order to avoid any unpleasant situations from happening. You should not use wax in the specific area or pluck or bleach the hairs, because this will remove the hair roots and will make the treatment less effective.

Do use sunblock creams

It is highly important to wear sunblock creams that have SPF 30 or higher if you are planning to stay out in the sun for too long. This should become your ritual at least one week before going to your first laser hair removal treatment, because if you get sunburned, there are high chances the treatment does not bring you the desired results. This is also the reason why experts recommend avoiding going to tanning sessions for instance.

Don’t expect for the treatment to be effective on blonde or white hairs

You should know from the very beginning that this laser hair removal treatment is not as effective in the case of blonde or white hair as it is in the case of darker hair. As a result, you may want to reconsider whether you should undergo this treatment or not in case you have blonde or white hair, because the results may not meet your expectations.

Do avoid this treatment if you take light-sensitive medication

It is mandatory to discuss with the doctor from the beauty clinic about this aspect before your first treatment session, because some medications may interfere with the laser treatment and they may affect the results or make the skin more vulnerable to scarring or burning. It is best to discuss with a physician about this aspect before you make any laser hair removal appointments.

Overall, these are the main dos and don’ts you have to take into account before your first appointment.


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What you need to know about selecting a party dress

What you need to know about selecting a party dress

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You get an invitation to the hottest event of the season  and it is needless to say that you have to make a good impression. The first thing you need to think about is what you are going to wear. After all, you cannot show up dressed as if you were meeting your friends. On the contrary, you have to find the absolute perfect party dress. There is a range of woman’s garments styles and choices on the market. To see the many options available, visit StyleWe. You will soon see that finding the perfect dress is not actually simple. As a matter of fact, searching for the perfect ensemble can be stressing, especially if you are not quite sure what you want. If you need help with your shopping, you should definitely take into consideration the following tips.


Think about the occasion

The first think to think about is the formality of the event. Even if as a woman you enjoy a certain degree of flexibility, this does not mean that there are no rules to comply with. No matter of you are invited to an afternoon garden party or an evening affair, make sure that you are aware of the formality of the event. There are many party dresses out there, but you have to put on clothing for the occasion. The last thing you want is to show up dressed informally in casual wear to a society affair. What you have to pay attention to is the color and the fabric of the gown. It is advisable to choose an outfit in a neutral color as it will be suitable for different kinds of occasions. With regards to the fabric, silk and satin are appropriate choices for a party. While a gown made from such materials will cost you more, it is a lot more comfortable.

Don’t forget your body shape

You have found a glamourous dress, one that will make a lasting impression. However, does it match your body shape? This probably was the last thing on your mind, yet body shape is important. The ensemble must flatter your body shape and make you feel unique. If you are busty, you should be looking for a low-cut gown because it will provide you the support that you need. On the other hand, if you lack cleavage, try a low neckline. Equally important is taking into account your figure, for example, apple-shaped figures should consider investing in an empire-dress.

The party dress does not have to be in fashion

You may be tempted to think that you cannot go wrong with a trendy outfit, but you can. What is important is to keep in mind is that not every garment that is in fashion is of good taste. If you buy, for instance, a little black dress, you don’t have to fear that you will look out of style. Contrary to popular opinion, good taste is not equal to trendy fashion. Buy whatever you want as long as it is refined.

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The most important makeup products from a woman’s bag

The most important makeup products from a woman’s bag

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There are women who hardly can imagine their life without makeup products. This is the reason why they invest a lot in cosmetics. According to statistics, large amounts of money are spent every year on these types of products. And usually women have a heavy bag full of different things that help them feel beautiful and cover their small imperfections. But, on the other hand, there are persons who prefer a natural look.


Even if you are not a person who loves makeup products, there are, however, some things that should not miss from your room. They are part of what is called “emergency beauty bag” and here it is a list with the most important of them.



Emergency beauty bag


  • Mascara. The role of this product is to make your eye lashes look longer. For a day by day makeup you can choose black as a colour for your mascara, but when it comes to party, you may go for something different such as blue, green or even pink.
  • Lipstick. It is a general rule that says that every woman should have at least one lipstick in her emergency beauty bag. And the colour of it may depend on her preferences. For example, a black dress always fits with a red lipstick. But if you do not like red, you may go for other shades.
  • Moisturizing lip balm. It is a real necessity especially for the women who live in an area where the weather is very cold. But, according to beauty specialists, the lip bald should not miss from a woman’s bag not even during the hot seasons. You should remember that nobody likes a girl who has dry lips.
  • Hand lotion. It has the same role: to make your hands feel smoother. Women with soft hands are more attractive than those who have a dry skin.
  • Face powder. It is the secret ingredient that covers your imperfections and makes you face look lighter. It goes well with foundation or with a CC cream. Firstly, you apply the foundation or the CC cream and then you use the face powder.
  • Concealer. After a busy and stressful period, the best way of getting rid of the dark circles around your eyes is by using a concealer.



General questions regarding makeup products


Can makeup products hurt my face/skin? Yes, it may happen, but only if you do not choose the right products or if you use something that has already expired.


From where can I buy my beauty products? There are a lot of online and offline cosmetics shops from you can do your shopping, but if you choose the online version, it is highly recommended to pay attention to all the details.


Can I wear makeup at school? Yes, but you should choose a natural one. Maybe it is better to use just some foundation, discreet mascara and a lip balm. Usually, teachers do not like the fact that their students wear makeup.


Can I borrow my friend’s makeup products? It depends on the type of the product. The experts recommend using your own. Maybe you friend’s cosmetics are not good for your skin. Not to mention the fact that borrowing them is not hygienic.

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Dressing etiquette – selecting the right outfit for an elegant event

Dressing etiquette – selecting the right outfit for an elegant event

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If you are invited to an elegant event, you might not know what it is recommended to wear. Well, formal events require you to choose the right clothing items for standing out as an elegant woman, and in an appropriate way. Actually, you should pay attention to the rules, because at some events you might not even be allowed to enter if you are not dressed appropriately. Dressing etiquette is the way you communicate through your clothes, so dressing elegant means you are dressing appropriately for the event you take part to. If you are looking for an elegant high-low dress 2016, you should consider buying it from an online store, because they have a large number of models, listed at affordable prices, and you would definitely find one to suit your body type, and fit into your budget.

What should I wear at daytime events?

Elegant events are organized also during daytime, and in this case, you might find even more difficult to decide what clothes it is appropriate to wear. Well, you should know that you should not opt for dark colors, because they are too harsh in this situation. It is recommended to wear something in a light shade as pastel, whites, beige or even bright colors. It all depends on your complexion. You should opt for a natural looking make-up, because this is the appropriate look for this type of event, and if it is not a glamorous day event, you should accessorize the outfit with minimal jewelry. Because the event is taking place in the daytime, you should wear low to medium heels.

What should I wear to an evening event?

In this case, you can opt for a little more formal outfit. Specialists state that if you are not sure on what to wear, you can always opt for a black clothing article, because it is the best choice along with darker, richer shades. In case the event requires strict etiquette, then you should wear only diamonds when it comes to jewelry. In comparison with the daytime, in this situation it is advisable to opt for glittery accessories and clothes and high heels, but do not forget that the type of event is the one that indicates the dressing etiquette.

Understanding the dress code

For being sure that you would not do any mistake when it comes to choosing the clothes, you should read the invitation closely, because there you would find stated the time of the year and day when the event takes place, and what kind of event it is. In this way, you would have a great help in deciding the type of dress you should opt for. In case the event is organized during cold season, then you should consider wearing an outfit in dark colors, because they are more appropriate in this situation. On the invitation, it is also stated if formal wear is only optional or preferred, because some of the events even if are formal, allow some flexibility when it comes to clothes.


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This is how to wear an Indian dress

This is how to wear an Indian dress

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Summer season is at an end, which means that you do not have too much time in order to go visit India. If you are planning to go travelling, you should that you will need clothes to keep you cool yet are not too revealing. India is a conservative country, which basically means that it is necessary to pack appropriate items of clothing. An appropriate item for both women and girls is the ghagra choli, namely the traditional outfit for women. This is a unique dress which can be worn for special occasions as well as, particularly festivals. No matter where you choose to wear your ghagra choli, you should know that Indian dresses Sydney are not easy to wear. When dressing in a ghagra choli, it is useful to keep these things in mind.


Pick an Indian dress that suits you

First-time buyers should pay close attention to their body size and complexion when choosing a traditional outfit. Since the ghagra choli is an important element, you have to make sure that you look perfect, which implies determining your body shape and, most important, knowing what your flaws are. If you have, for example, an hourglass figure, you should opt for a flowy fabric. On the other hand, if you have weight issues, you have the possibility of concealing it with the help of the lehenga. Another option would be to wear skin tight jeans. The point is that you should not neglect your body type. Equally important is deciding on the style of the Indian dress. Do you want it to be simple or do you prefer one embedded with multiple decorations? Once you have made a selection, you can purchase your ghagra choli online.

Drape the lehenga dupatta

The lehenga dupatta can be worn in many styles to compliment the style of the dress and your characteristics. If you want to look elegant, all you have to do is to keep it on the right shoulder, making sure that your breasts are covered. It is needless to mention that this will give your appearance a royal feel. Another possibility is to wear the dupatta is around your waist. This is indeed a tasteful look, but if you feel that the scarf does not hold, secure it with a pin on the left shoulder. You will look at the same time slim and your problem areas will not be visible. For a more relaxed look, you can try to pleat the dupatta and secure it with a pin. Keep in mind that the dupatta must fall around your knee.

Do not forget about accessories

The ghagra choli alone will make you stand out, but this does not means that you should refrain from wearing accessories. On the contrary, you are free to wear earrings, bangles and pretty much whatever you like as long as it is from the same story. You can complete your outfit with fancy jewellery. Designer love incorporating accessories into their outfits and so should you.


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Individualize your clothing with prints or embroidery

Individualize your clothing with prints or embroidery

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Everybody wants to be unique and express their personality more accurately. However, in the era of mass-produced clothing is harder and harder to manage doing so. Of course, it is a lot convenient to buy that kind of clothing items then having some custom-made for you because of two reasons: the low price and the accessibility. Printing clothing or accessories at your desire is an easy way to express your personality better. is one of the options we have found for you in order to customize your  clothing and accessories by printing or embroiling a large variety of bits and pieces at your desire, such as shirts, hats, T-shirts, bags and jackets.


1. Screen printing technique

In a simplified explanation, this printing technique consists in using a so-called mesh to force ink into a fabric. Using a stencil, the technician blocks areas where the paint should not be applied in order to create the desired patterns. Using a squeegee the paint is evenly distributed over the stencil and the image is transferred on the fabric. Perfect clothing items for this technique are T-shirts, hoodies or sweatpants. Have them printed with your favorite band or TV series if you attend a concert or a film festival, your favorite city after coming from vacation or print them with funny and clever messages for a bit more individualization. Some puns will make your T-shirt “pun-tastic” and abstract and colorful prints will add a spark to a plain tee. Find your inspiration daily with some of your favorite quotes.

2. Embroidery printing technique

This technique of printing fabrics consists in transferring a digitalized image into a fabric using embroidery machines. The result is going to be a high quality, more detailed and long lasting one. Some fabrics, like nylon are more embroidery-friendly then others, but stiff cotton is also a good base. Small and detailed embroidery will create a dramatic and effective look to a plain white shirt or dress. For example, have a plain white dress embroidered with black thread in a feminine pattern on the bottom half for a dramatic and contrasting appearance. Colorful patterns such as ice-cream cones, lollipops will add a bit fresher look to your outfit, whereas minimalistic ones would be more appropriate for an office look. Moreover, embroidery is the best method of creating a hippie, boohoo, festival appropriate look if that’s what you are going for.

Search the web in order to find the best pattern for you, even it is for embroidery purposes or printing. The Internet is an endless source of ideas all you have to do is to find the right one for you. Mix and match different images, play with patterns and fabrics. Our best advice is to choose for professionals when searching for a printing services company, in order to receive good-quality services. Such items will last you a life if you go for quality.

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Fabulous ways to use a decorative ribbon

Fabulous ways to use a decorative ribbon

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So very often these days, you realise the importance of ribbons. These do come in numerous shapes and sizes, being used in many different ways. You can add a beautiful decorative ribbon to a lovely dress just to make it even more seductive with the same ease as you would use one to decorate the house. Speaking about interior design perhaps you might want to know a bit more details regarding this topic. A few tips on how to improve your interior design never hurt.


A ribbon for each room


Themed interior designs are the best. These have the power to introduce those who visit and live in the house in a different world. You come from the real world, open the door and are instantly welcome in a different story. It just so happens that ribbons have the power to create that new story and take you into an interesting tour of the home. Choose a different ribbon for each room of the house, one for your bedroom, one for the kids’ room, one for the kitchen then the living room. Each bow must have a design of its own. In fact it would be great if you could personalise that design and make it according to the style and purpose of the room.


The welcome ribbon


This is that little detail that can surprise you, the owner of the house, your family and of course, the guests that come visiting. The welcome ribbon must be of a great size and if possible, it should be made from a strong, stiff material. This way, its lovely shape can be maintained over a longer period of time. As for the colour and design, these ought to be cheerful. In the end, the purpose of this detail is to welcome you home.


Ribbon garlands for events


If you know that an event within your family is coming soon and you need to prepare, then you should consider using the ribbon garlands. These are some rather effective decorative pieces that will catch your eye and impress you through their charm and colourful design. These garlands can be hand made and you can add to them exactly the details you would like them to have. On top of this, these lovely, cheerful pieces can be easily placed on curtains or hung from the ceiling.


The decorative ribbon must always be considered, as it can bring a lot of joy and colour in your house. There are so many different ways to put them to use. All it takes is finding that one that fits you like a charm.


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Avoid looking dull wearing office clothes

Avoid looking dull wearing office clothes

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Monday is probably the most intriguing day of the week. On the one hand, it means a new beginning, but on the other, it means the end of the so relaxing weekend. And, besides you having to wake up in the morning to go to work, you also need to start thinking about what you are going to wear the upcoming week. If your working environment requires some dressy outfits, then your passion for fashion is both a curse and a blessing. You are probably struggling to insert some style in the traditional, almost boring office attires, and this is not something easy to do. If the phrase “I have nothing to wear” crosses your mind on a daily basis, then you should keep reading this article. If you are running out of options in terms of what to wear to work, both edgy and appropriate, then this article may also help you. Try some Vivetta buy online, but keep these ideas in mind. Here are some valuable suggestions that can be easily implemented with a limited number of key clothing pieces.

Traditional yet daring

Classic clothes will never go out of style – this is something everybody knows. So if you already own a simple black blazer, some solid color pencil skirts and some trousers with a classic cut, then you will do just fine. The traditional outfit is the most common pick for most women, as it is easy to create with stuff they already own. But if you want to add some edge to a neat attire, remember that you can do so with some simple details: add a Vivetta hands collar, a statement necklace, some colorful pumps or even sneakers, a bold watch and so on. These will all look amazing in different combinations and everybody will admire your courage.

Effortless chic

Looking careless but chic is actually tricky, as it cannot match absolutely any type of job. However, if you are rather eccentric and you work in a laid back environment, this might be the perfect combination between traditional and effortless. Match some street style pieces, such as sweaters and jeans, with items like classic cut blazers or trousers. The results are absolutely impressive! The combination between masculine and feminine could also work – all you have to do is dare for more.

Glamorous office wear

This type of styling may be a bit out of place in certain work environments, but it is still a great option of you are a classy and elegant person. Furthermore, if you actually work in the fashion industry, a bit of glam and sophistication will never be odd, on the contrary. The style is easy to obtain, but it takes some practice to avoid ridiculous combinations – so pay a lot of attention. The main rule for sophisticated attires is that you should always accessorize a classic look with at least one statement piece: massive bling, edgy heels, luxe sporty items and so on.


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Three wedding dresses that can make you look like a princess

Three wedding dresses that can make you look like a princess

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Choosing the perfect wedding dress is probably one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make in your life. However, if are patient and willing to try new things, then the task is not impossible to accomplish, in a timely and efficient manner. Start by reading this short article about three of the most beautiful and stylish options you have as a bride, and you may end up actually picturing your dream dress for the big event. Here are our three main alternatives:


The one with the ribbon belt

Any girl dreams about being a princess on the day of her wedding, which is why the great, voluminous dress is on the top of our list. Of course this model is aimed to highlight your thin waist, but if you want an even greater effect, you can (and should) opt for a dress that comes with a belt, to stress on your silhouette. For a delicate effect, replace the generic belt with simple or rhinestone ribbon – even if the model you have chosen does not come with it, you can always get wedding ribbon for sale. A skilled tailor will apply it to your dress and enhance your princess look alike outfit.


The one with the high collar neck

This one will actually make you look like a majestic queen, rather than a princess. Whether you go for a long sleeved dress or a sleeveless one, the high collar neck is extremely feminine, elegant and dreamy. In addition to this, it is also very fashionable at the moment, so most great designers have at least one of these models in their collections. The high lines and cuts will accentuate your shoulders and also your waist, by contrast. However, if you choose this type of dress, remember that you may not be able to wear too many accessories – some statement earrings would be just perfect, though.


The bohemian one

If you have decided to try an unusual venue and have an outdoor wedding, taking place in a magical environment, such as a garden or the beach, then the bohemian style is definitely suitable for you. Try a lacy dress with a neat design – simple, elegant and breathe taking. This model is suitable to any silhouette, but not to any personality. So if you are a free spirit, a person who loves nature and likes to think out of the box, then this is a reliable choice for you.

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The four Cs of a diamond

The four Cs of a diamond

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You probably didn’t know this, but no two diamonds are exactly alike. Diamonds are extremely beautiful and it is for sure that every woman dreams of receiving a diamond engagement ring from her partner at some point in their relationship. If you are looking for the right ring to propose to her, you should know that there are numerous online jewellery stores that provide high quality rings and one very good example is However, before resorting to a specific ring, you should learn more about the four Cs of a diamond and how much they matter in selecting it.

Colour grade

Contrary to what some people might think, the colour evaluation of a diamond is based actually on the lack of colour. You should know that a perfect diamond has no hue, which means it is structurally perfect and chemically pure and which increases its value significantly. There is a colour-grading system that institutions such as GIA provide, which is supposed to measure the degree of colourlessness of a diamond. The jeweller compares the stone under certain type of controlled lighting and specific viewing conditions to other stones in order to establish the colour value.

Clarity grade

The clarity grade implies actually the absence of inclusions and blemishes, which are the internal and external characteristics of a natural diamond. When performing such an evaluation, the specialist has to determine the size, number, nature, position and relief of those characteristics and the degree in which they affect the diamond’s overall appearance. It is true that there is no diamond perfectly pure, but the closer it gets to perfection, the more its value increases.

Cut grade

It is generally known that diamonds can transmit light and have an intense sparkling, but what makes this happening is the way in which they are cut. Most people think of this cut as shape, such as round, pear and so on, when in fact it is about the way in which the diamond’s facets interact with light. You should know that the cut has a lot to do with the diamond’s final value and beauty and of all the 4Cs of a diamond, the cut grade is said to be the most technically difficult and complex to analyse. The GIA system, which is the one jewellers from all over the world mostly use, calculates the way in which the facets influence the face-up appearance of that diamond and the way in which the stone interacts with light.

Carat weight

As it can be deduced from the name, the diamond carat weight is the measurement that presents the actual weight of a diamond. Nearly 200 milligrams are defined as being the metric “carat” of a diamond and each carat can be subdivided into 100 points, thus providing precise measurements. If the diamond weights less than a carat, its weight is described only by its points. Larger diamonds can be quite rare, which at the same time, makes them quite desirable. Keep in mind that even two diamonds have the same weight, this does not mean they also have the same value.

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Before and after the first laser hair removal session

Before and after the first laser hair removal session

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Laser hair removal is probably the most appreciated invention by both women and men. It is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair on various parts of the body with minimum effort. Since the number of people who became interested in this type of treatment has significantly increased in the past years, more and more beauty clinics that provide this type of services have emerged on the market. If you are interested in finding a professional and reputable one, you should do some research on the internet and websites such as seem like a good place to start. Here is what you should do before and after the first session.

Dos and don’ts before

Before attending your first laser hair removal session, it is highly recommended to avoid staying out in the sun at least three weeks prior to the appointment. If you have a tan or if you are sunburned, you cannot attend the session. This is why experts advise to come to the beauty clinics during the winter, spring, or fall, and not in the summer, since there are high chances during this period to get tanned. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not wax the area you are targeting at least three weeks before. The laser targets the hair root, so you need to let your hair grow enough before going to an appointment. It is worth mentioning that a session can take somewhere between 20 minutes and an hour, depending on the targeted area you want your hair to be removed.

Dos and don’ts after

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind after going to your first session is that one single appointment is not enough in order to have your hair removed completely from a specific area. You need to go 6 to 8 times until the hair is completely removed, since hairs do not grow all at the same time. What is more, waxing or plucking should definitely be avoided after the treatment, because this might hinder the process. You can shave instead if you want. Experts also do not recommend using perfumes, deodorants at least 24 hours after the treatment or taking hot showers in the first week. You should avoid getting tanned or sunburned six weeks after the treatment as well in order to make sure the laser hair removal session was efficient.

Go to professional beauty clinics

It is highly important to do some detailed research on the internet and look for the best beauty clinic in the area that provides this type of services, because it is only this way that you will benefit from the best results. Ask for other people’s opinions on various online forums to see which clinic has received positive feedback from previous clients. Make sure you opt for the one that best matches both your needs and budget.

Overall, these are the most important things one should do before and after a laser hair removal session.

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Looking for the right beauty school – what to consider

Looking for the right beauty school – what to consider

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Many people are passionate about makeup and cosmetology, but some decide to take it to another level and actually start a career in this domain. When looking for cosmetology schools, some important facets need to be taken into consideration. It is recommended to do some detailed research on the internet before resorting to a specific school and websites such as might be a very good starting point. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind.

Research, research and … more research

If you have decided to pursue a career in makeup, the first step you have to make is to find a beauty school. You should start by doing some research on the internet. It is the best place to look for cosmetology courses, not only because it is handy, but also because there are higher chances to find a school here than searching for one in the local newspapers for instance. Numerous businesspersons have understood how efficient and powerful the internet is and have turned this into their advantage. The wide variety of beauty schools available on the online market offers you high chances to find one in your region that also fits your budget and needs. Many of these schools also have websites and accounts on the most popular social networks, which makes the process a lot easier. Make a list of all the beauty courses that caught your interest and take a look at the advantages each of them offers their students. Compare them and select the best one for you. Another method to look for the right makeup courses is to ask your friends and relatives. If you know someone who has attended makeup courses, you should definitely ask them to recommend you a good school.

Things to look for in a beauty school

When selecting a beauty school, the first thing to look at is the course curriculum. You need to know what types of courses you can attend before enrolling in that specific beauty school and if there are some optional courses that you can choose yourself. It is recommended to go to a school that also provides business courses, because this will help you a lot in your career after gaining the diploma, especially if you plan to open your own salon. Learn more about the instructors that teach in that school as well and see whether they are leaders in this industry or not, whether they have vast knowledge in the domain or not. The instructor should be able to teach you all the secrets of cosmetology and provide you proper answers to every question you might have. A professional beauty school should also offer its students the possibility to practice in real salons and on real clients in order to develop students’ creativity and other skills.

As you can see, these are some great tips you should take into account the moment you start looking for a professional makeup school. Make sure you choose a professional and reputable one in order to benefit from the best results.

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Advice for women considering breast augmentation

Advice for women considering breast augmentation

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The focus on female anatomy is everywhere, so if you have a naturally small bust, you will inevitably feel less of a woman. Resisting the pressure of society is pretty difficult taking into account that you are likely to see images of starlets and look just perfect. What many women opt to do in this situation is opt for breast augmentation surgery, which is a medical procedure that increases the size of the volume of the chest. While this measure may seem just a little bit extreme for some people, the results of breast augmentation London are undeniable. Basically it is an opportunity that you are granted in order to become a healthier person.

Breast augmentation – what to expect

Breast augmentation surgery involves the use of breast implants or fat, typically referred to as transfer chest augmentation, to increase the size of the bust or to restore chest volume. This surgical procedure is clinically referred to as augmentation mammoplasty and it can increase the fullness and the projection of the bust, improve the balance of the figure and, last but not least, enhance self-confidence. It is important to stress that the procedure will not correct severe conditions such as droopy breasts. In this case, a bust lift is necessary.

Know if breast surgery is right for you

For cosmetic surgery, you should visit But pay attention that you need to be in good health to be able to undergo surgery. This basically means that if you are suffering from a heart condition or if you have neurological disorders, you do not qualify as a good candidate. So, who are optimal candidates? Optimal candidates for bust implants are those who are close to the ideal weight, meaning with a BMI of 30 or even less. If you are a heavy smoker, you should stop smoking immediately as the nicotine can impair your healing process. You cannot determine on your own which type of surgical procedure is right for you. Only with the help of a board certified plastic surgeon can you determine which option is right for you.

Breast implants are not a good idea for young women

The truth is that the bust changes as you change, which means that they will get better in time. Some women are late bloomers, in other words their bust is not recognizable over time. It is advisable to wait a couple of years until the mass of the chest falls. Even though they will not be exactly big in size, they will be enough to make cleavage and allow you to wear a good bra. It is never possible to know what your chest will look like unless you give it some time. With regard to asymmetrical conditions, it is a fairly common condition and not necessarily an embarrassing one. The body will look better as long as you use certain clothes and bathing suits.

It is very important to understand all the aspects before undergoing surgery, not to mention the financial aspects. Complications do not tend to occur, but if they do it is necessary to address the problem.


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How to Keep Your Coloured Clothes Colourful

How to Keep Your Coloured Clothes Colourful

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The only thing less appealing than not being able to have the clothes you want is having the garments of your dreams, only to then do a pretty impressive job of ruining them. Of course, it’s exactly the kind of thing we all swear we will never do, but is nonetheless something pretty much every single one of us does from time to time. And according to the experts in women’s fashion, the real tragedy of clothes fading before their time is that in practically every instance, it all could’ve been very easily avoided.

Admittedly, the last thing most adults are particularly responsive to is something of a lesson in how to wash their clothes – chances are they’ve been doing it for quite some time. Nevertheless, when it comes to keeping colourful clothes as colourful as possible, it is nonetheless a good idea to occasionally revisit a few common sense rules and tips to live by.

So in the interests of preserving your proudest garments for as long as possible, here’s a quick overview of the most important tips of all for making it happen:

1 – Always Read the Label

First and foremost, it’s of critical importance to understand and acknowledge the fact that clothing labels are not simply there just for the sake of being there.  Where there’s a care label present, this is pretty much your wall-to-wall blueprint for ensuring your clothes remain as fabulous as they are today for as long as possible. If it says to do something, do it. And if it says to most certainly not do something…well, you can probably figure out the rest.

2 – Proper Grouping

If you’re in the habit of splitting your laundry into two groups – as in coloured garments and whites, you’re at least half way there. Nevertheless, it’s spectacularly common for people to completely ignore the actual types of colours they are washing together, failing to grasp the fact that bright reds and pale blues don’t necessarily make the best of bedfellows…at least in the washing machine. When it comes to preserving colours, try to group similar colours together and avoid mixed washes.

3 – Wash Inside Out

This is one of the most important tips of all when it comes to avoiding a wide variety of unfortunate types of damage – anything that can be washed inside out should indeed be washed inside out. It’s important to remember that when your garments are flying around in the washing machine and indeed in the dryer if you use one, the process isn’t exactly gentle to the exterior of the fabric. As such, it simply makes sense to protect the outside of the garment by turning it inside out before washing.

4 – Be Frugal

Try to remember that if the garments are not free to move around the washing machine, they will not be washed or rinsed properly. Not only can packing a washing machine too tightly lead to damaged garments simply by overcrowding, but there’s every chance certain items of clothing will be doused in detergent and fabric softener which will not be rinsed out properly, resulting in damage. And of course, all the garments simply will not end up getting washed at all.

5 – Careful Drying

If you use a dryer, you might want to remember that there is in fact such a thing as over-drying garments. When it comes to brighter colours in particular, leaving things in the dryer for too long or drying at a setting too high will inherently result in fading and damage. If you don’t have a dryer with a timer, you’ll need to stay in close proximity to it and keep checking things accordingly.

6 – Cold Water Wash

Washing clothes in cooler water is not only fantastic for the environment, it will also save you a packet and could help preserve the boldness and brightness of your coloured garments. Even such a minor switch as stepping down from 40° C to 30° C can add up to a big difference to say the least.

7 – Buy Quality Garments

Last but not least, while it may be little late for this particular take in some instances, one the very best ways of preserving the vibrancy of colourful clothing is to buy high quality clothing in the first place. Everything from the quality of the material to the dying techniques used throughout the manufacturing process will contribute to their longevity and how well the clothing stands up to the rigours of everyday life.


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Summer sartorial heads-up

Summer sartorial heads-up

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The clocks have moved forward, days are getting longer – it can only mean one thing. Summer is on its way and it’s time to start organising our wardrobes for the warmer weather. Those fashion-forward people will want to know which style cues to follow this summer to achieve looks that are bang on-trend. Read on for the intel on fashion that will set you apart as a dedicated follower of all things sartorial…

Loving the lingerie

One of the big news stories this summer is lingerie. That’s lingerie worn on the outside. We’re not talking going to work in your underwear, merely dressing with a nod towards the lacy, sheer influences of lingerie styling. Outfits with slinky fabrics such as silks and satins, gauze panels and lace trimmings will all be evident in the wardrobes of those in the know. The daytime debut of lingerie styles influenced by negligees and chemises will be noticeable in evening and casual wear as well as in more discreet work-wear options. Experiment with light and lacy separates combined with blocky jackets and trimmed skirts and trousers for a really stunning effect. Head to cutting edge online clothing stores such as for the latest interpretations of styles and designs coming off the catwalks. For wearable and affordable translations of clothes with up to the minute credentials, the website at FFOMO (Fashion Fear of Missing Out) guarantees hottest looks at lowest prices.

Bella bohemian


Casual bohemian style will be everywhere this summer. From maxi dresses and kaftans to chaotic prints and cross-generational mash-ups, it’s all about throwing as many style references in as you can and seeing how much sticks. The minimalist look has been put to bed, overtaken by colourful eclecticism, juxtapositions that jar and designs with dissonance. Embrace your inner art teacher or creative guru – cookie and crazy is cool as can be, so if you feel that way, this is your free ticket to fashion nirvana. Bow ties, outsize spectacles, chunky jewellery, mad hair accessories, busy prints and pattern – focus on the details for a successful complete look.

Shine on

If you are looking for fashion inspiration this summer, reach for fabrics that shimmer and shine. On the catwalks, whether it was Pucci, Gucci or Rochas, there were plenty of glittering garments to catch the eyes. Fancy a pair of boyfriend jeans in silver sheen? Or a twin-set in pearlised prettiness? Push the boundaries when it comes to glittering, gorgeous glamour – nothing is sacred, the glitter brush can touch on anything from shoes, to make up, hats and coats – get your glitter on and start to glow this summer.

Looking back

As always, the catwalk shows took inspiration from times past. High Victorian style is such a distinctive look, it proved a rich seam for many of the design players. With high necks, ruffles at the throat, cameo brooches, batwing sleeves and regal touches, the spirit of Queen Victoria was alive at all the most chic fashion shows. Stiff black taffeta may have been a mourning fabric in Victoria’s day, but right now it’s the go-to textile for glamour and style in anything from ballgowns to pant suits to blouses. A little taffeta goes a long way, so even if it’s just a scarf or a clutch, include some in your summer wardrobe.

From the not so distant past, echoes of the 70s and 90s will be making themselves heard.  Bold greens and purples in 70s styles such as maxi dresses and palazzo pants will be the ideal outfits for beach time and night time.Topped off with a beautiful, wide-brimmed hat and some large sunglasses, and you’ll be nailing the seventies sweetheart look in full.

Say goodbye to the staid plaid of the nostalgic nineties and say hello to grungy prom queen dresses with a breath of energy about them. Continue the fascination with work-out wear and yoga styles with modernised sweat and track suits that make you look and feel like you’re stepping back into nineties fitness heaven.

Colour cues

Shades to look out for this summer season include the palest pinks and blues. Perfect for hot weather, these cooling pastels bring down the temperature whilst looking super stylish. Teamed with black and dark accessories, such pale colours as shell pink and duck egg blue will set you apart as someone with your finger on the fashion pulse.

So, that’s your heads-up for sartorial suggestions for this summer’s styles. With so many looks to choose from and affordable and wearable places to find them, there’s really no excuse for looking anything but spectacularly gorgeous this summer!

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