Where can you wear an open abaya?

Where can you wear an open abaya?

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When it comes to traditional outfits, the abaya may very well take home the big prize. Surely you have seen plenty of women dressed in open abayas walking down the stress or going to different social engagements. Now, just to make matters clear, clothing items do not exactly have the power to turn a person into something else completely. Simply because you might decide to invest in this traditional and beautiful piece of clothing does not make you a Muslin woman. The abaya is incredibly popular and besides its strong message, this piece of clothing has convinced women through its beauty. When customized the piece of clothing can create a stunning look. This idea leads to the obvious question. Where can one wear the abaya? Do you need a special occasion?

Important social events

Most certainly there are different types of abayas, some more festive than others. When properly accessorised and worn, this piece of clothing can make an impressive, even stunning outfit for any social event, especially a high class one. People wearing abayas are usually proud of them and they will show them off to friends and family. This is why they would make amazing outfit for parties and get-togethers.

A simple walk in the park

Do you know what is great about these pieces of clothing? They are simple looking and you are the one calling the shots when it comes to accessories. However, if left simple, open abayas are perfect for a stroll in the park. You can use it whenever you choose to drink your coffee and have a moment of relaxation or you can wear it when thinking about going shopping. What matters is that it makes you feel comfortable and if the piece of clothing you own is simple looking, then feel free to dress in it each time you feel like relaxing.

Take it to work

Once again the design of this piece of clothing is the one that dictates the event in which it can be used. So if you have an elegant, yet not festive abaya, you can feel free to wear it to work. There is nothing wrong with showing up dressed like this when having an important meeting. People will learn to appreciate you from a different perspective. People will see that your knowledge on fashion, as well as traditions and cultures, is large and will appreciate you for this.

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