How to get started with decorative ribbons

How to get started with decorative ribbons

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Since they have many uses, ribbons are the most preferred craft accessory. Whether you are interested in making a flower, greeting cards and invitations, or make a unique hair accessory, you should consider using decorative fabric because it will always add another dimension. Even though they are the most treasured crafting supplies, bows have been around since the beginning of time. During the Middle Ages merchants used to bring extravagant bands of material from the East that was interlaced with gold and silver. Ribbons have been largely regarded as a symbol of nobility throughout history and they were implicitly worn only by the upper classes. At present, there is a multitude of textures you can choose from, such as sheer organza ribbon, that you can use for certain purposes.

Ribbon textures

Organza ribbons are very delicate looking and they are incredibly lightweight. This type of band of material is suitable for wrapping bombonieres or for making party favours. But is this all you can do? You can also consider using organza (organdie) to add finishing touches to greeting cards and party favours. If you are interested in buying organza, try wired edge because the bow will remain in shape. Another texture worth mentioning is satin, which is the most flexible decorative fabric. Satin is more appropriate for printing and producing logos, not to mention that they are the perfect adornment for wedding cars. Finally, gift wrapping requires metallic fabric that holds its shape very well.

How to make a bow out of ribbon

More often than not, ribbons are synonymous with bows. Not only are ribbons bows iconic, but there are many ways in which you can make one. What you should try is the basic method. More precisely, cut a piece of riband that is long enough and lay it on a flat surface. Bring both the ends of the bow to the middle and overlap them. You will obtain two loops and tails that you will have to tie in the back and through the centre hole. When you are done, pull tightly at the centre. You can use the bow as a hair accessory or for gift wrapping.

Cute flowers out of ribbon

There is nothing similar to the feeling of making your own flowers. With ribbons, you can make extremely cute flowers and you can cherish them for years to come. If you want to make a rosette, this is what you should do: cut two circles form the band of decorative material and felt. It is needless to say that the felt should complement the look of your rosette. What you should do is pull the bottom wire and gather the whole ribbon by pulling the wire in the opposite direction. Fold the edges of the material down with glue and create a spiral pattern. Once you finish, seal the look with a dab of glue.

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