Different hairstyles, one element – ribbons

Different hairstyles, one element – ribbons

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If you are a fashion lover and you like to be an appearance every time you walk out of the house, it is mandatory that not only your outfit is perfect, but also your hairstyle. You have to ensure that every element, from the clothes you are wearing, to the jewelleries and hairstyle, tell a story about who you really are as a person. If you want to have a different hairstyle every day, you should definitely add ribbons in your accessory collection, so look for rosette ribbon UK and find the best online offer. Here are some examples of hairstyles where you can use ribbons.


The classical one – ponytail

Ponytail is one very popular hairstyle that numerous women choose in a wide variety of situations, from attending events, to going out to town, to work or even when staying home. Obviously, if you have to attend a special event, such as a wedding or a cocktail party with colleagues from the office and you want to opt for a ponytail hairstyle, you should try and make it unique and one very good way to do so is to add a ribbon to it. Whether you create a bow, or you simply use the ribbon to tie the tail and to cover the hair tie, it is recommended that you select your ribbon in accordance with the colours of your clothes.

Ribbons and braided hair go hand in hand

Another way you can style up your hair and to add that genuine touch to it is to have your hair braided with ribbons. This means that you use a ribbon for every brained tail you make. This is a perfect hairstyle for a country outfit for example or even for an elegant look if you know how to pick your clothes.

Headbands made out of ribbons

Headbands are always a good option if you want to leave your hair off but do not want it to come into your eyes at some point. You can create a colourful and chic headband out of some ribbons and accessorize your hairstyle with it. This look goes with a wide variety of outfits and it is perfect for any type of hair size, whether short, medium or long.

All in all, these great ideas should help you have an amazing and different look every time you go out of the house. It is for sure that you will have many heads turn over for you!


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Dos and don’ts before your first laser hair removal session

Dos and don’ts before your first laser hair removal session

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You have probably heard at least once about the laser hair removal treatment, but you still feel reluctant when it comes to resorting to it yourself. This is actually normal, since what keeps you from attention your first session is the lack of information. You do not know exactly what its benefits are, or most important the dos and don’ts you have to apply before your first laser hair removal session at a beauty clinic such as http://www.igbeauty.com/. These are the dos and don’ts you have to consider before your first session.


Do choose the best beauty clinic

The first thing you have to take care of before you actually go to the first laser hair removal appointment is to make sure that the beauty clinic you have chosen is the best one in your region. This means that you have to do some detailed research to learn more about that specific clinic and even read what other people’s opinions are regarding the services it provides.

Don’t forget to shave the area

It is highly important to shave the area you are targeting one day before undergoing your first session, because the laser will locate and target hair roots a lot easier this way. It is recommended to use new razors and to pay great attention when shaving the area in order to avoid any unpleasant situations from happening. You should not use wax in the specific area or pluck or bleach the hairs, because this will remove the hair roots and will make the treatment less effective.

Do use sunblock creams

It is highly important to wear sunblock creams that have SPF 30 or higher if you are planning to stay out in the sun for too long. This should become your ritual at least one week before going to your first laser hair removal treatment, because if you get sunburned, there are high chances the treatment does not bring you the desired results. This is also the reason why experts recommend avoiding going to tanning sessions for instance.

Don’t expect for the treatment to be effective on blonde or white hairs

You should know from the very beginning that this laser hair removal treatment is not as effective in the case of blonde or white hair as it is in the case of darker hair. As a result, you may want to reconsider whether you should undergo this treatment or not in case you have blonde or white hair, because the results may not meet your expectations.

Do avoid this treatment if you take light-sensitive medication

It is mandatory to discuss with the doctor from the beauty clinic about this aspect before your first treatment session, because some medications may interfere with the laser treatment and they may affect the results or make the skin more vulnerable to scarring or burning. It is best to discuss with a physician about this aspect before you make any laser hair removal appointments.

Overall, these are the main dos and don’ts you have to take into account before your first appointment.


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The most important makeup products from a woman’s bag

The most important makeup products from a woman’s bag

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There are women who hardly can imagine their life without makeup products. This is the reason why they invest a lot in cosmetics. According to statistics, large amounts of money are spent every year on these types of products. And usually women have a heavy bag full of different things that help them feel beautiful and cover their small imperfections. But, on the other hand, there are persons who prefer a natural look.


Even if you are not a person who loves makeup products, there are, however, some things that should not miss from your room. They are part of what is called “emergency beauty bag” and here it is a list with the most important of them.



Emergency beauty bag


  • Mascara. The role of this product is to make your eye lashes look longer. For a day by day makeup you can choose black as a colour for your mascara, but when it comes to party, you may go for something different such as blue, green or even pink.
  • Lipstick. It is a general rule that says that every woman should have at least one lipstick in her emergency beauty bag. And the colour of it may depend on her preferences. For example, a black dress always fits with a red lipstick. But if you do not like red, you may go for other shades.
  • Moisturizing lip balm. It is a real necessity especially for the women who live in an area where the weather is very cold. But, according to beauty specialists, the lip bald should not miss from a woman’s bag not even during the hot seasons. You should remember that nobody likes a girl who has dry lips.
  • Hand lotion. It has the same role: to make your hands feel smoother. Women with soft hands are more attractive than those who have a dry skin.
  • Face powder. It is the secret ingredient that covers your imperfections and makes you face look lighter. It goes well with foundation or with a CC cream. Firstly, you apply the foundation or the CC cream and then you use the face powder.
  • Concealer. After a busy and stressful period, the best way of getting rid of the dark circles around your eyes is by using a concealer.



General questions regarding makeup products


Can makeup products hurt my face/skin? Yes, it may happen, but only if you do not choose the right products or if you use something that has already expired.


From where can I buy my beauty products? There are a lot of online and offline cosmetics shops from you can do your shopping, but if you choose the online version, it is highly recommended to pay attention to all the details.


Can I wear makeup at school? Yes, but you should choose a natural one. Maybe it is better to use just some foundation, discreet mascara and a lip balm. Usually, teachers do not like the fact that their students wear makeup.


Can I borrow my friend’s makeup products? It depends on the type of the product. The experts recommend using your own. Maybe you friend’s cosmetics are not good for your skin. Not to mention the fact that borrowing them is not hygienic.

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Before and after the first laser hair removal session

Before and after the first laser hair removal session

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Laser hair removal is probably the most appreciated invention by both women and men. It is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair on various parts of the body with minimum effort. Since the number of people who became interested in this type of treatment has significantly increased in the past years, more and more beauty clinics that provide this type of services have emerged on the market. If you are interested in finding a professional and reputable one, you should do some research on the internet and websites such as http://www.myskinspa.com.au/ seem like a good place to start. Here is what you should do before and after the first session.

Dos and don’ts before

Before attending your first laser hair removal session, it is highly recommended to avoid staying out in the sun at least three weeks prior to the appointment. If you have a tan or if you are sunburned, you cannot attend the session. This is why experts advise to come to the beauty clinics during the winter, spring, or fall, and not in the summer, since there are high chances during this period to get tanned. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not wax the area you are targeting at least three weeks before. The laser targets the hair root, so you need to let your hair grow enough before going to an appointment. It is worth mentioning that a session can take somewhere between 20 minutes and an hour, depending on the targeted area you want your hair to be removed.

Dos and don’ts after

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind after going to your first session is that one single appointment is not enough in order to have your hair removed completely from a specific area. You need to go 6 to 8 times until the hair is completely removed, since hairs do not grow all at the same time. What is more, waxing or plucking should definitely be avoided after the treatment, because this might hinder the process. You can shave instead if you want. Experts also do not recommend using perfumes, deodorants at least 24 hours after the treatment or taking hot showers in the first week. You should avoid getting tanned or sunburned six weeks after the treatment as well in order to make sure the laser hair removal session was efficient.

Go to professional beauty clinics

It is highly important to do some detailed research on the internet and look for the best beauty clinic in the area that provides this type of services, because it is only this way that you will benefit from the best results. Ask for other people’s opinions on various online forums to see which clinic has received positive feedback from previous clients. Make sure you opt for the one that best matches both your needs and budget.

Overall, these are the most important things one should do before and after a laser hair removal session.

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Advice for women considering breast augmentation

Advice for women considering breast augmentation

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The focus on female anatomy is everywhere, so if you have a naturally small bust, you will inevitably feel less of a woman. Resisting the pressure of society is pretty difficult taking into account that you are likely to see images of starlets and look just perfect. What many women opt to do in this situation is opt for breast augmentation surgery, which is a medical procedure that increases the size of the volume of the chest. While this measure may seem just a little bit extreme for some people, the results of breast augmentation London are undeniable. Basically it is an opportunity that you are granted in order to become a healthier person.

Breast augmentation – what to expect

Breast augmentation surgery involves the use of breast implants or fat, typically referred to as transfer chest augmentation, to increase the size of the bust or to restore chest volume. This surgical procedure is clinically referred to as augmentation mammoplasty and it can increase the fullness and the projection of the bust, improve the balance of the figure and, last but not least, enhance self-confidence. It is important to stress that the procedure will not correct severe conditions such as droopy breasts. In this case, a bust lift is necessary.

Know if breast surgery is right for you

For cosmetic surgery, you should visit centreforsurgery.com. But pay attention that you need to be in good health to be able to undergo surgery. This basically means that if you are suffering from a heart condition or if you have neurological disorders, you do not qualify as a good candidate. So, who are optimal candidates? Optimal candidates for bust implants are those who are close to the ideal weight, meaning with a BMI of 30 or even less. If you are a heavy smoker, you should stop smoking immediately as the nicotine can impair your healing process. You cannot determine on your own which type of surgical procedure is right for you. Only with the help of a board certified plastic surgeon can you determine which option is right for you.

Breast implants are not a good idea for young women

The truth is that the bust changes as you change, which means that they will get better in time. Some women are late bloomers, in other words their bust is not recognizable over time. It is advisable to wait a couple of years until the mass of the chest falls. Even though they will not be exactly big in size, they will be enough to make cleavage and allow you to wear a good bra. It is never possible to know what your chest will look like unless you give it some time. With regard to asymmetrical conditions, it is a fairly common condition and not necessarily an embarrassing one. The body will look better as long as you use certain clothes and bathing suits.

It is very important to understand all the aspects before undergoing surgery, not to mention the financial aspects. Complications do not tend to occur, but if they do it is necessary to address the problem.


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The benefits of permanent makeup

The benefits of permanent makeup

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Haven’t you always desired to wake up and look flawless, without the need of putting on makeup? Well, nowadays, this dream has become reality. Permanent makeup has risen in popularity lately, due to the many advantages that it can bring women. Whether you want thinker brows, a beautiful eyeliner a full lip colour all day long, semi-permanent makeup is the answer to your questions. A reputable beauty clinic, such as bluebellaestheticswirral.co.uk, can provide you with the top quality services you require. Here are a few things you should know about semi-permanent makeup.


Eyebrows have the role of framing your face, and enhancing your beauty, and this is why it so important to choose the perfect shape for your face structure.  Beautifully shaped eyebrows will draw attention to your check bones and will enhance your eyes. If you desire to reshape your brows, or make them look thicker, then permanent makeup might be the perfect solution. Through this type of procedure you can give your eyes a lift and brighten your entire face. The results of permanent eyebrow makeup are definitely amazing ones. You can even change the colour of your brows if you desire so. Although, permanent makeup can address different types of medical conditions, such as alopecia, vitiligo or visual impairment, many women opt for this alternative because it is extremely convenient.


If you have problems with spare lashes, or you desire to give your eyes more definition, permanent eyeliner might be the best alternative for you. Whether your lashes are light or faded, or you just simply love eyeliner, with permanent makeup, you can feel confident in your appearance every single day without trying to achieve that perfect cat eyeliner look every morning. If you work with a professional clinic, the results will exceed your expectations. Permanent eyeliner is a good idea for women, who are struggling with unsteady hands or visual impairment, conditions that prevents them from putting on makeup without smudging it. If you are dealing with this type of conditions or you just want to look your best, without applying makeup with regularity, then permanent eyeliner can be a wonderful idea. You can discuss with a beauty specialist, who can come up with the eyeliner style suitable for the shape of your eyes.

As you can see, opting for semi-permanent makeup can be extremely beneficial, if you wish to wake up each morning looking radiant and flawless without spending a lot of time applying makeup. Start looking for a reputable clinic that specializes in semi-permanent makeup and opt for the services you desire. If you want to benefit from excellent results, make sure you choose wisely, and research the topic beforehand. Go throughout your day without the need of reapplying makeup. Permanent makeup is perfect solution for women of all ages, who desire to look beautiful from morning to midnight. Correct small imperfections, lip asymmetry, fix lack of eyebrows or any other issues that might affect your self-confidence, and look for a beauty specialist who can provide you with the services you desire.

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