Where can you wear an open abaya?

Where can you wear an open abaya?

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When it comes to traditional outfits, the abaya may very well take home the big prize. Surely you have seen plenty of women dressed in open abayas walking down the stress or going to different social engagements. Now, just to make matters clear, clothing items do not exactly have the power to turn a person into something else completely. Simply because you might decide to invest in this traditional and beautiful piece of clothing does not make you a Muslin woman. The abaya is incredibly popular and besides its strong message, this piece of clothing has convinced women through its beauty. When customized the piece of clothing can create a stunning look. This idea leads to the obvious question. Where can one wear the abaya? Do you need a special occasion?

Important social events

Most certainly there are different types of abayas, some more festive than others. When properly accessorised and worn, this piece of clothing can make an impressive, even stunning outfit for any social event, especially a high class one. People wearing abayas are usually proud of them and they will show them off to friends and family. This is why they would make amazing outfit for parties and get-togethers.

A simple walk in the park

Do you know what is great about these pieces of clothing? They are simple looking and you are the one calling the shots when it comes to accessories. However, if left simple, open abayas are perfect for a stroll in the park. You can use it whenever you choose to drink your coffee and have a moment of relaxation or you can wear it when thinking about going shopping. What matters is that it makes you feel comfortable and if the piece of clothing you own is simple looking, then feel free to dress in it each time you feel like relaxing.

Take it to work

Once again the design of this piece of clothing is the one that dictates the event in which it can be used. So if you have an elegant, yet not festive abaya, you can feel free to wear it to work. There is nothing wrong with showing up dressed like this when having an important meeting. People will learn to appreciate you from a different perspective. People will see that your knowledge on fashion, as well as traditions and cultures, is large and will appreciate you for this.

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Wedding suits – latest trends and styles

Wedding suits – latest trends and styles

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People have the misconception that only the bride stresses herself with finding the right clothes for the wedding day, but the fact is that also men are having difficulties in deciding what suit they should buy. There is not easy at all to choose a suit from the thousands of models available, and when looking at the prices you might even find more difficult to decide upon a model. But, your only concern should be to decide what model of suit would suit you better, and what you would like to wear, because you do not have to spend a fortune on buying wedding clothes. You have the possibility to choose one of the Wedding Suits For Hire, because there are many companies on the market which offer a great number of suits from which you can choose, and they keep up with the latest trends and styles, to keep their clients satisfied. Here are the latest trends and styles of the year for wedding suits.


Choose a white bow tie

If you want to have an aristocratic look in your wedding day, then you should opt for a white bow tie. There are different models of bow ties on the market, but the white ones are helping you emphasize the elegance of your look in the wedding day, regarding your suit. For completing the look you should choose a small flower for the groomsmen suits, and tie it together with some flowers similar to the ones from the bride’s bouquet.

Summer wedding? No bow tie at all

If you are having a summer wedding then you do not need a bow tie. You should opt for a light shaded suit. Light colours are the perfect choice for an open-air wedding, so you should try at least one to see how it fits you.

Trendy colours for a wedding suit

Depending on the season when you are getting married, you can opt for a dark suit in case you are having the wedding in the autumn or winter and for a light shade in case you are getting married in the spring or summer. It is important to pay attention to the colour of the shirt and of the bow tie, because they have to complete the colours chosen for the bride’s bouquet and of the dresses of the bridesmaids. In case the bride has a champagne coloured dress, then you can choose your shirt in a similar colour.

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What you need to know about selecting a party dress

What you need to know about selecting a party dress

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You get an invitation to the hottest event of the season  and it is needless to say that you have to make a good impression. The first thing you need to think about is what you are going to wear. After all, you cannot show up dressed as if you were meeting your friends. On the contrary, you have to find the absolute perfect party dress. There is a range of woman’s garments styles and choices on the market. To see the many options available, visit StyleWe. You will soon see that finding the perfect dress is not actually simple. As a matter of fact, searching for the perfect ensemble can be stressing, especially if you are not quite sure what you want. If you need help with your shopping, you should definitely take into consideration the following tips.


Think about the occasion

The first think to think about is the formality of the event. Even if as a woman you enjoy a certain degree of flexibility, this does not mean that there are no rules to comply with. No matter of you are invited to an afternoon garden party or an evening affair, make sure that you are aware of the formality of the event. There are many party dresses out there, but you have to put on clothing for the occasion. The last thing you want is to show up dressed informally in casual wear to a society affair. What you have to pay attention to is the color and the fabric of the gown. It is advisable to choose an outfit in a neutral color as it will be suitable for different kinds of occasions. With regards to the fabric, silk and satin are appropriate choices for a party. While a gown made from such materials will cost you more, it is a lot more comfortable.

Don’t forget your body shape

You have found a glamourous dress, one that will make a lasting impression. However, does it match your body shape? This probably was the last thing on your mind, yet body shape is important. The ensemble must flatter your body shape and make you feel unique. If you are busty, you should be looking for a low-cut gown because it will provide you the support that you need. On the other hand, if you lack cleavage, try a low neckline. Equally important is taking into account your figure, for example, apple-shaped figures should consider investing in an empire-dress.

The party dress does not have to be in fashion

You may be tempted to think that you cannot go wrong with a trendy outfit, but you can. What is important is to keep in mind is that not every garment that is in fashion is of good taste. If you buy, for instance, a little black dress, you don’t have to fear that you will look out of style. Contrary to popular opinion, good taste is not equal to trendy fashion. Buy whatever you want as long as it is refined.

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Dressing etiquette – selecting the right outfit for an elegant event

Dressing etiquette – selecting the right outfit for an elegant event

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If you are invited to an elegant event, you might not know what it is recommended to wear. Well, formal events require you to choose the right clothing items for standing out as an elegant woman, and in an appropriate way. Actually, you should pay attention to the rules, because at some events you might not even be allowed to enter if you are not dressed appropriately. Dressing etiquette is the way you communicate through your clothes, so dressing elegant means you are dressing appropriately for the event you take part to. If you are looking for an elegant high-low dress 2016, you should consider buying it from an online store, because they have a large number of models, listed at affordable prices, and you would definitely find one to suit your body type, and fit into your budget.

What should I wear at daytime events?

Elegant events are organized also during daytime, and in this case, you might find even more difficult to decide what clothes it is appropriate to wear. Well, you should know that you should not opt for dark colors, because they are too harsh in this situation. It is recommended to wear something in a light shade as pastel, whites, beige or even bright colors. It all depends on your complexion. You should opt for a natural looking make-up, because this is the appropriate look for this type of event, and if it is not a glamorous day event, you should accessorize the outfit with minimal jewelry. Because the event is taking place in the daytime, you should wear low to medium heels.

What should I wear to an evening event?

In this case, you can opt for a little more formal outfit. Specialists state that if you are not sure on what to wear, you can always opt for a black clothing article, because it is the best choice along with darker, richer shades. In case the event requires strict etiquette, then you should wear only diamonds when it comes to jewelry. In comparison with the daytime, in this situation it is advisable to opt for glittery accessories and clothes and high heels, but do not forget that the type of event is the one that indicates the dressing etiquette.

Understanding the dress code

For being sure that you would not do any mistake when it comes to choosing the clothes, you should read the invitation closely, because there you would find stated the time of the year and day when the event takes place, and what kind of event it is. In this way, you would have a great help in deciding the type of dress you should opt for. In case the event is organized during cold season, then you should consider wearing an outfit in dark colors, because they are more appropriate in this situation. On the invitation, it is also stated if formal wear is only optional or preferred, because some of the events even if are formal, allow some flexibility when it comes to clothes.


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Avoid looking dull wearing office clothes

Avoid looking dull wearing office clothes

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Monday is probably the most intriguing day of the week. On the one hand, it means a new beginning, but on the other, it means the end of the so relaxing weekend. And, besides you having to wake up in the morning to go to work, you also need to start thinking about what you are going to wear the upcoming week. If your working environment requires some dressy outfits, then your passion for fashion is both a curse and a blessing. You are probably struggling to insert some style in the traditional, almost boring office attires, and this is not something easy to do. If the phrase “I have nothing to wear” crosses your mind on a daily basis, then you should keep reading this article. If you are running out of options in terms of what to wear to work, both edgy and appropriate, then this article may also help you. Try some Vivetta buy online, but keep these ideas in mind. Here are some valuable suggestions that can be easily implemented with a limited number of key clothing pieces.

Traditional yet daring

Classic clothes will never go out of style – this is something everybody knows. So if you already own a simple black blazer, some solid color pencil skirts and some trousers with a classic cut, then you will do just fine. The traditional outfit is the most common pick for most women, as it is easy to create with stuff they already own. But if you want to add some edge to a neat attire, remember that you can do so with some simple details: add a Vivetta hands collar, a statement necklace, some colorful pumps or even sneakers, a bold watch and so on. These will all look amazing in different combinations and everybody will admire your courage.

Effortless chic

Looking careless but chic is actually tricky, as it cannot match absolutely any type of job. However, if you are rather eccentric and you work in a laid back environment, this might be the perfect combination between traditional and effortless. Match some street style pieces, such as sweaters and jeans, with items like classic cut blazers or trousers. The results are absolutely impressive! The combination between masculine and feminine could also work – all you have to do is dare for more.

Glamorous office wear

This type of styling may be a bit out of place in certain work environments, but it is still a great option of you are a classy and elegant person. Furthermore, if you actually work in the fashion industry, a bit of glam and sophistication will never be odd, on the contrary. The style is easy to obtain, but it takes some practice to avoid ridiculous combinations – so pay a lot of attention. The main rule for sophisticated attires is that you should always accessorize a classic look with at least one statement piece: massive bling, edgy heels, luxe sporty items and so on.


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How to Keep Your Coloured Clothes Colourful

How to Keep Your Coloured Clothes Colourful

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The only thing less appealing than not being able to have the clothes you want is having the garments of your dreams, only to then do a pretty impressive job of ruining them. Of course, it’s exactly the kind of thing we all swear we will never do, but is nonetheless something pretty much every single one of us does from time to time. And according to the experts in women’s fashion, the real tragedy of clothes fading before their time is that in practically every instance, it all could’ve been very easily avoided.

Admittedly, the last thing most adults are particularly responsive to is something of a lesson in how to wash their clothes – chances are they’ve been doing it for quite some time. Nevertheless, when it comes to keeping colourful clothes as colourful as possible, it is nonetheless a good idea to occasionally revisit a few common sense rules and tips to live by.

So in the interests of preserving your proudest garments for as long as possible, here’s a quick overview of the most important tips of all for making it happen:

1 – Always Read the Label

First and foremost, it’s of critical importance to understand and acknowledge the fact that clothing labels are not simply there just for the sake of being there.  Where there’s a care label present, this is pretty much your wall-to-wall blueprint for ensuring your clothes remain as fabulous as they are today for as long as possible. If it says to do something, do it. And if it says to most certainly not do something…well, you can probably figure out the rest.

2 – Proper Grouping

If you’re in the habit of splitting your laundry into two groups – as in coloured garments and whites, you’re at least half way there. Nevertheless, it’s spectacularly common for people to completely ignore the actual types of colours they are washing together, failing to grasp the fact that bright reds and pale blues don’t necessarily make the best of bedfellows…at least in the washing machine. When it comes to preserving colours, try to group similar colours together and avoid mixed washes.

3 – Wash Inside Out

This is one of the most important tips of all when it comes to avoiding a wide variety of unfortunate types of damage – anything that can be washed inside out should indeed be washed inside out. It’s important to remember that when your garments are flying around in the washing machine and indeed in the dryer if you use one, the process isn’t exactly gentle to the exterior of the fabric. As such, it simply makes sense to protect the outside of the garment by turning it inside out before washing.

4 – Be Frugal

Try to remember that if the garments are not free to move around the washing machine, they will not be washed or rinsed properly. Not only can packing a washing machine too tightly lead to damaged garments simply by overcrowding, but there’s every chance certain items of clothing will be doused in detergent and fabric softener which will not be rinsed out properly, resulting in damage. And of course, all the garments simply will not end up getting washed at all.

5 – Careful Drying

If you use a dryer, you might want to remember that there is in fact such a thing as over-drying garments. When it comes to brighter colours in particular, leaving things in the dryer for too long or drying at a setting too high will inherently result in fading and damage. If you don’t have a dryer with a timer, you’ll need to stay in close proximity to it and keep checking things accordingly.

6 – Cold Water Wash

Washing clothes in cooler water is not only fantastic for the environment, it will also save you a packet and could help preserve the boldness and brightness of your coloured garments. Even such a minor switch as stepping down from 40° C to 30° C can add up to a big difference to say the least.

7 – Buy Quality Garments

Last but not least, while it may be little late for this particular take in some instances, one the very best ways of preserving the vibrancy of colourful clothing is to buy high quality clothing in the first place. Everything from the quality of the material to the dying techniques used throughout the manufacturing process will contribute to their longevity and how well the clothing stands up to the rigours of everyday life.


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