Accessories every fashionista should have this summer

Accessories every fashionista should have this summer

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Summer is the best season for a fashionista. It is no longer cold, so you do not have to cover yourself in layers of clothes that keep you warm. It is the best time of the year to express yourself through fashion, using all kind of fluid fabrics and combinations. Women who are in love with fashion know that no outfit could be complete without accessories. You know, that details that just make the difference. Here is what you need to have this summer in order to look great.

High quality glasses cases

Many women wear glasses, and have to take extra care of them in order to avoid scratches and other accidents. Being a fashionista means that you have to take care of all your accessories and own high-quality and original items. If you look for a beautiful long-lasting product, Italian Leather glasses cases offers you a variety of beautiful products. They are elegant and original, suitable for a sophisticated woman. You can match these cases with a leather bag and a leather wallet.

Oversized hats are practical and elegant

There is nothing more practical than an oversized hat, which protects you from the heat and sun. This accessory is not only useful, but also sophisticated and elegant. You can use these types of hats at the beach, during the day, to complete a casual outfit or even at a party, next to a dress. Choose bright colors like yellow, orange or red. They are flexible, so you can combine them with jeans, skirts, dresses and bathing costumes.

Oversized sunglasses are a must

It is summer, so sunglasses should be an indispensable accessory. More and more women are getting in love with the oversized glasses. They protect your eyes and your face from sun and wind, being perfect for the rest of the year too. Make sure to choose a bold model. The sunglasses could be oval, square or cat rectangular, available in various colors.

Ponchos are very popular this summer

Whether you wear them at the beach, or in combination with short pants and a blouse, you need to have plenty of them. These items are getting more and more popular and women love them. You can wear a lace poncho when it is windy outside, or a silk one that is light as a feather. It is the perfect article for summer days and nights. Do not hesitate to wear them.

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Most trending tattoos of the moment

Most trending tattoos of the moment

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As with anything else, tattoo trends come and go. So, if you decide to get some ink and want something original and meaningful to you, but you lack inspiration, then you should start looking for an original idea of womens tattoo designs. Fortunately, besides the mainstream sources such as Instagram or Tumblr, there are also plenty of specialized web sites where you can find ideas. We talked to some experts and they told us about their daily requests they have from clients, so that we could compile a brief list of the most popular designs. Feel free to choose one of these and personalize it to match your v style and expectations:


Some of the people who decide to get a tattoo do it because they want to have something, a mark, which reminds them of something important for them as long as they live. Others, are just fond of beautiful body art. No matter what category you belong to, a mandala seems to be a great choice in terms of design, as it has a meaningful significance and it also looks amazing. A mandala is an intricate symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism, having the form of a diagram and representing the universe. In ancient times, the Tibet monks made them out of sand and the moment they finished the wonderful design, they would immediately wipe them off. This is who they became the symbol of transience, of the fact that everything is temporary. Get a mandala tattoo to remind you that no matter what you are going through, it will eventually end.


The social media is now present in our lives, more than ever. For this reason, it is influencing all the aspects of our lives, and body art is no exception. As a consequence, hashtags have become very popular when it comes to tattoos. You are probably familiar with the concept: it is a special type of meta data used to make content viral, or facilitate research. In the virtual space, a word or phrase is normally the summary of an entire concept, feeling or context. Taking into consideration that a brief word represents something that has a meaningful signification in the online environment, a lot of people choose to use this ‘design’ for their tattoos as well. This way, by placing the symbol # in front of the word they want to have inked, they manage to summarize a complex message.


One tattoo design that will never go out of style is arrows. This is due to the fact that they can represent a multitude of things, from a zodiac sign, to aiming in a certain direction, the sense of life or infinity – by association with the aim towards the horizon. Crossed arrows may represent friendship, while in Native Indian culture they mean peace. An arrow through another object is the symbol of courage as one moves forward in life. As you can see, the item can basically mean whatever you want. For this reason, more and more salon customers seem to prefer arrows, in various forms, styles and dimensions.


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True fashion lovers religiously go on second-hand sprees. And so should you

True fashion lovers religiously go on second-hand sprees. And so should you

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Take a day off for yourself. And wardrobe. Fun fact: with a fraction if the price, you can have an entirely new wardrobe. And this, of course, is what true fashion lovers try to accomplish. Their passion for intricate pieces of clothing is a teacher when it comes to affording all the bits and pieces they want, and this is why they all go religiously on second-hand sprees. Some of the largest depozite haine second hand supply part of stores on the market. This is why many find such great pieces! But let’s see why should you go yourself in such adventures.


Quality at a fraction of the price

If a Gucci bag is your wildest dream, consider visiting some second-hand shops. Many have amazing suppliers, able to bring some of the most exclusive pieces of clothing and accessories. And if normally a Gucci bag would leave you with a “generous” hole in your budget, a second-hand piece will offer the same quality, only cheaper. Way cheaper. And this rule applies not only to the designer pieces. Second-hand stores always try to bring high-quality pieces of clothing, manufactured from amazing fabrics. And in most of the cases, faulty items are rejected. Remember. The prices are the determining factor. And second-hand stores, luckily manage them masterfully.

Find some of the most interesting items

If you have ever visited a second-hand store, then you know for sure that they are filled with unique, intricate pieces of clothing. This is one reason for which fashion lovers go frequently in such stores. The treasure hunt and the anticipation of finding something truly unique are addictive. Also, the prospect of finding such items is real, not an unrealistic expectation. Second-hand stores are the answer to all your fashion necessities.

It’s green!

When shopping second-hand, think that you are helping the planet. Yearly, tons of clothing pieces, most of them in perfect form reach the dumpsters, rivers and seas. Clothing items for which in some place of the world, usually in poor countries, children are working adult schedules for providing the latest trendy piece for the western world. If you don’t want to make yourself responsible for this, second-hand sprees are the answer for you! You recycle pieces of clothing that are in perfect form and help the planet by doing so.

Let the merchandise surprise you every time

If you like it, buy it, right away! The piece that you like so much is very likely not to be supplied any time sooner. The magic that surrounds second-hand stores is that every day is something new, something different from your last visit. Unlike all the mall shops you can visit, the variety is astounding and never repeating itself. This is either a bliss, either a curse, but our vote goes to it being a bliss.

These are some of the greatest reasons why you should shop second-hand from time to time.

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Hair bow ribbons are here to impress

Hair bow ribbons are here to impress

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Women love to impress. They love to be admired, to be gazed upon, some even appreciate to be envied, thinking that this is clearly a sign of respect. Whatever the truth may be regarding this issue, one thing is certain. Women love to be beautiful and they will go to any extend to achieve this goal. So, now that summer is approaching and at a fast pace for that matter, hair bow ribbons ought to be mentioned. These little items are understandably famous, because they are incredibly easy to use and their effect is so much greater than one might expect. But what does this have to do with beauty? And also, why summer? Well, summer is about being natural, about being free and hair bows come to emphasize these aspects. So, here are three hairstyles you can easily achieve by using a bow.


The classic bow tie, with a romantic twist


Surely you remember the lovely Brigitte Bardot or the elegant Audrey Hepburn. For that matter, Elizabeth Taylor is also part of this category. What these gorgeous women have in common is the ponytail, carefully tied with a bow. This hairdo is incredibly easy to achieve, as you can imagine, and it creates such a romantic appearance. Now, to make sure that your hair will look perfect for a long time, you should not depend on the bow to tie your hair. The actual ponytail should be tied with a regular band and over it you can add the bow.


A beautiful braided tail


Do you remember the hairdo your grandmother used to make, when sitting on the porch in the summer, enjoying the sun? The braided tail is as impressive now as it used to be when you were a child. Additionally, it is very simple to make and it has the young and fresh effect you were looking for. This hairdo is exactly the spirit of summer, so make sure you learn to make it. Also, use a bow to enhance the romanticism of this style. You’ll see it is worth it.


The pin-up hairdo


Take one quarter of your hair, from the top, and puff it up using a comb and hairstyling products. Tie it with a bow, preferably one with a lovely design, preferably a happy one, adequate for summer. Add some red lipstick and long black eyelashes and you have the perfect pin-up look. This summer, pin-up hair-does are in and they are very appreciated.

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Women and their obsession for leather handbags

Women and their obsession for leather handbags

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It is truly surprising to notice just how easily some designers find a way to the heart of a woman. Often enough, it becomes rather impressive to notice that some collections that appear far too strange and bizarre manage to capture the attention of such a large number of women, in a positive sense of course. Although discussing fashion, especially modern fashion could take forever and lead nowhere, as personal taste remains unquestionable, leather handbags are a completely different matter. This is the topic that speaks to all women, that impresses all of them and makes them twitch with excitement. Have you asked yourself why? Why are handbags such an important part of the wardrobe of a woman? Here are a few details that might help you understand the matter.

The feeling of elegance

Handbags have an elegance of their own, something that is specific to all to them. The lines, the fabrics, the details, the finishes, the overall style, all become one and the impressive and elegant handbag is created. Women see in these accessories the expression of refinement and quite frankly, in some cases it actually is. The vision of the designer is absolutely impeccable and it is hard to question his or her taste. A leather handbag will always carry a sense of elegance and refinement, which cannot be argued with.

A practical item

Unquestionable, women require, as well as men, practical fashion items and the handbag is conveniently one such product. Take a businesswoman for instance. All her papers, pens, the wallet, the phone, the laptop all have to fit somewhere. Adequately designed bags will be able to carry all these items, allowing women to maintain their elegance while being practical.

An amazing accessory

It goes without question that women value fashion. That is no longer a secret to anyone.  The handbag is the final detail to a surprising and perfectly balanced outfit. It is a necessary accessory, as all fashion stylists would instruct. Women find that this item to be absolutely essential when trying to display the beauty of an outfit, making it indispensable. It may be true that women might buy too many handbags, but who can you judge them? With so many designs and styles, it is almost impossible to stick to only a few of them.

Leather handbags are a pleasure, an investment, a necessity and a desire. Women love these items, not because they need them, but because they desire them. Handbags do offer women a sense of style and elegance they simply cannot do without.

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Three best ribbon hairdos on the red carpet

Three best ribbon hairdos on the red carpet

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The world of movies is absolutely amazing. It is thrilling, exciting, beautiful and glamorous. You can say anything about it, good or bad. The truth is that even if you hated, you would still like to see how it feels to be part of it. Although it is not impossible to get there, it is however difficult and only those that are indeed determined make it. Until you decide whether or not you want to be a famous actress, why not try the glamour of the red carpet a bit? Here are three amazing hairdos, done with simple, feminine and delicate hair bow ribbons. See which one you like best and recreate it.


Jennifer Aniston and her amazing hair


Jennifer Aniston can really make an appearance. She is the kind of woman that is almost impossible to read. No matter what is going in her personal life, whether she is getting a divorce or getting remarried, she has the same jovial attitude. You always feel like her life is perfect which could very be true. At least, this is how things would seem if her hair had some say in the mater. Considering what a treasure her hair is, it felt important to include this amazing actress in this top. Additionally, she sees to really appreciate ribbons, as she appeared in several occasions with a simple, yet highly elegant ponytail, decorated with an amazing ribbon.


Brigitte Bardot: the beginning of the all things


If you are looking for answers, if you are looking to see exactly where it all started, then you need to think French. Indeed, Brigitte Bardot knows exactly that simplicity is the key to elegance. Plus, women with a childish appearance have only to gain. Brigitte is known for this hairdo and whether she knows it or not, she is the reason for which ribbons are so popular at the moment. And women all over the world are thanking her every time they choose to create this hairdo.


Audrey Hepburn: old Hollywood glamour


If you are looking for beauty and elegance, then you should skip a few generations and look at what the old Hollywood had to offer. You know, it wasn’t called the golden age for nothing. Audrey Hepburn is the perfect representation for this era and her charming, bashful appearance really stayed in history as an ideal of beauty and refinement. Her looks go hand in hand with ribbons, which is why the simple ponytail, decorated with black, velvet bow is exactly the hairdo you need to remember.


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