Different hairstyles, one element – ribbons

Different hairstyles, one element – ribbons

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If you are a fashion lover and you like to be an appearance every time you walk out of the house, it is mandatory that not only your outfit is perfect, but also your hairstyle. You have to ensure that every element, from the clothes you are wearing, to the jewelleries and hairstyle, tell a story about who you really are as a person. If you want to have a different hairstyle every day, you should definitely add ribbons in your accessory collection, so look for rosette ribbon UK and find the best online offer. Here are some examples of hairstyles where you can use ribbons.


The classical one – ponytail

Ponytail is one very popular hairstyle that numerous women choose in a wide variety of situations, from attending events, to going out to town, to work or even when staying home. Obviously, if you have to attend a special event, such as a wedding or a cocktail party with colleagues from the office and you want to opt for a ponytail hairstyle, you should try and make it unique and one very good way to do so is to add a ribbon to it. Whether you create a bow, or you simply use the ribbon to tie the tail and to cover the hair tie, it is recommended that you select your ribbon in accordance with the colours of your clothes.

Ribbons and braided hair go hand in hand

Another way you can style up your hair and to add that genuine touch to it is to have your hair braided with ribbons. This means that you use a ribbon for every brained tail you make. This is a perfect hairstyle for a country outfit for example or even for an elegant look if you know how to pick your clothes.

Headbands made out of ribbons

Headbands are always a good option if you want to leave your hair off but do not want it to come into your eyes at some point. You can create a colourful and chic headband out of some ribbons and accessorize your hairstyle with it. This look goes with a wide variety of outfits and it is perfect for any type of hair size, whether short, medium or long.

All in all, these great ideas should help you have an amazing and different look every time you go out of the house. It is for sure that you will have many heads turn over for you!