Dos and don’ts before your first laser hair removal session

Dos and don’ts before your first laser hair removal session

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You have probably heard at least once about the laser hair removal treatment, but you still feel reluctant when it comes to resorting to it yourself. This is actually normal, since what keeps you from attention your first session is the lack of information. You do not know exactly what its benefits are, or most important the dos and don’ts you have to apply before your first laser hair removal session at a beauty clinic such as These are the dos and don’ts you have to consider before your first session.


Do choose the best beauty clinic

The first thing you have to take care of before you actually go to the first laser hair removal appointment is to make sure that the beauty clinic you have chosen is the best one in your region. This means that you have to do some detailed research to learn more about that specific clinic and even read what other people’s opinions are regarding the services it provides.

Don’t forget to shave the area

It is highly important to shave the area you are targeting one day before undergoing your first session, because the laser will locate and target hair roots a lot easier this way. It is recommended to use new razors and to pay great attention when shaving the area in order to avoid any unpleasant situations from happening. You should not use wax in the specific area or pluck or bleach the hairs, because this will remove the hair roots and will make the treatment less effective.

Do use sunblock creams

It is highly important to wear sunblock creams that have SPF 30 or higher if you are planning to stay out in the sun for too long. This should become your ritual at least one week before going to your first laser hair removal treatment, because if you get sunburned, there are high chances the treatment does not bring you the desired results. This is also the reason why experts recommend avoiding going to tanning sessions for instance.

Don’t expect for the treatment to be effective on blonde or white hairs

You should know from the very beginning that this laser hair removal treatment is not as effective in the case of blonde or white hair as it is in the case of darker hair. As a result, you may want to reconsider whether you should undergo this treatment or not in case you have blonde or white hair, because the results may not meet your expectations.

Do avoid this treatment if you take light-sensitive medication

It is mandatory to discuss with the doctor from the beauty clinic about this aspect before your first treatment session, because some medications may interfere with the laser treatment and they may affect the results or make the skin more vulnerable to scarring or burning. It is best to discuss with a physician about this aspect before you make any laser hair removal appointments.

Overall, these are the main dos and don’ts you have to take into account before your first appointment.