Hair bow ribbons are here to impress

Hair bow ribbons are here to impress

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Women love to impress. They love to be admired, to be gazed upon, some even appreciate to be envied, thinking that this is clearly a sign of respect. Whatever the truth may be regarding this issue, one thing is certain. Women love to be beautiful and they will go to any extend to achieve this goal. So, now that summer is approaching and at a fast pace for that matter, hair bow ribbons ought to be mentioned. These little items are understandably famous, because they are incredibly easy to use and their effect is so much greater than one might expect. But what does this have to do with beauty? And also, why summer? Well, summer is about being natural, about being free and hair bows come to emphasize these aspects. So, here are three hairstyles you can easily achieve by using a bow.


The classic bow tie, with a romantic twist


Surely you remember the lovely Brigitte Bardot or the elegant Audrey Hepburn. For that matter, Elizabeth Taylor is also part of this category. What these gorgeous women have in common is the ponytail, carefully tied with a bow. This hairdo is incredibly easy to achieve, as you can imagine, and it creates such a romantic appearance. Now, to make sure that your hair will look perfect for a long time, you should not depend on the bow to tie your hair. The actual ponytail should be tied with a regular band and over it you can add the bow.


A beautiful braided tail


Do you remember the hairdo your grandmother used to make, when sitting on the porch in the summer, enjoying the sun? The braided tail is as impressive now as it used to be when you were a child. Additionally, it is very simple to make and it has the young and fresh effect you were looking for. This hairdo is exactly the spirit of summer, so make sure you learn to make it. Also, use a bow to enhance the romanticism of this style. You’ll see it is worth it.


The pin-up hairdo


Take one quarter of your hair, from the top, and puff it up using a comb and hairstyling products. Tie it with a bow, preferably one with a lovely design, preferably a happy one, adequate for summer. Add some red lipstick and long black eyelashes and you have the perfect pin-up look. This summer, pin-up hair-does are in and they are very appreciated.