How to get into male modelling – Andre Birleanu should inspire you

How to get into male modelling – Andre Birleanu should inspire you

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The majority of men have the misconception that if they become models, they would have a free ride to the best parties in town. The fact is that it is quite hard to be a male model, because you have to benefit from every one of the possibilities you have, and work hard to become famous in the fashion industry, because this domain is dominated by women. But, men also have an advantage when it comes to breaking into the modelling industry, because they do not have to meet rigid physical requirements as women have. And the same is when it comes to their age, because some of the male models are working even until their fifties. So if you want to become a famous model, then you should inspire from famous models as Andre Birleanu, because he is one of the men who has become a well-known name in the fashion industry.


Decide what kind of modelling is right for you

You should know from the beginning that the type of modelling you prefer would influence the way you have to look for work, and the type of photos you have to include in your portfolio. In case you want to become a runaway model, you would have to meet different standards than if you would want to become a catalogue model. The last type of models would have to offer a more realistic view on what men wear and look.

Why is Andre Birleanu a source of inspiration?

When you consider following this career, you would need a model, from which to inspire, and who has managed to achieve the target you have in mind. Andre Birleanu is one of the most successful models in the fashion industry, especially when it comes to catalogue pictures. He is a very versatile person, and if you would look at the pictures he has taken for famous brands, you would notice that he is open to look changes, as dying his hair, and he look amazing in different types of clothes. Also, when it comes to facial expression, you would notice that he is able to express different feelings and states with a simple pose, so if you want to become successful, you would want to achieve this versatility he naturally has. In addition, he is a complex model, because he was present on the runaway, but he also managed to take great catalogue pictures.