How to make your outfits look more expensive

How to make your outfits look more expensive

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If you flip through the pages of any magazine, you might believe that editors urge you to purchase expensive articles of clothing in order to create fashionable outfits that match the current trends. However, not all the women afford a pair of shoes or a rococo bag with a staggering price once a month or even changing the coat every season but they do not have to. Every woman should build an original and unique style with the clothes she likes and already has in the closet. If you bought a blouse or a pair of pants for cheap and you wish to include it in your outfit, it does not necessarily compromise your entire look as long as you add something precious, like a piece of jewelry from or you combine colors strategically. When it comes to transforming your clothes in order to make them look more expensive, the bright part is that you have a multitude of options and tricks at your disposal.

Tailoring and pressing

If you spotted a beautiful dress that awoke your interest immediately, obviously you could not resist purchasing it, especially taking into account the affordable price. Nevertheless, if you worry that it might show its real price then get it tailored. If you are willing to wait a little more time and take it to a familiar tailor near your home, it will amaze you what some minor changes here and there can do. At the end, the dress not only it will fit you like a glove but it will also seem pricier. Another tip that you can use in your favor is never leave the house without freshly press the clothes you intend to wear. Even though you might be in a hurry in the morning, a few extra minutes will really make a notable difference. Besides looking more expensive, your clothes will also look cleaner and cared for. Even your oldest clothes will appear brand new if you follow these steps.

Colors and accessories

Dressing in tonal colors provides you many benefits, it elongates your figure, makes you look composed and it gives you a fashionable and pretentious air. Monochrome outfits can be extremely flattering, just make sure that when you choose white, the shade is clean and bright. On the other hand, if you go with black, you have to match the pieces perfectly. Accessorizing is another method that will increase the value of your outfits in the eyes of your admirers. If you add a handbag, do your best to make it look shiny and clean and most importantly, store it with attention and care so you preserve its quality. A chic belt represents a stylish detail that simply transforms any outfit so do not shy away when it comes to buying as much belt as possible and include them in your everyday looks. In terms of jewelry, gold accessories represent your most faithful ally because people will think that you stepped out from the pages of a magazine. Ultimately, do not forget about the hair and makeup, they bring a significant contribution to the overall look.