Individualize your clothing with prints or embroidery

Individualize your clothing with prints or embroidery

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Everybody wants to be unique and express their personality more accurately. However, in the era of mass-produced clothing is harder and harder to manage doing so. Of course, it is a lot convenient to buy that kind of clothing items then having some custom-made for you because of two reasons: the low price and the accessibility. Printing clothing or accessories at your desire is an easy way to express your personality better. is one of the options we have found for you in order to customize your  clothing and accessories by printing or embroiling a large variety of bits and pieces at your desire, such as shirts, hats, T-shirts, bags and jackets.


1. Screen printing technique

In a simplified explanation, this printing technique consists in using a so-called mesh to force ink into a fabric. Using a stencil, the technician blocks areas where the paint should not be applied in order to create the desired patterns. Using a squeegee the paint is evenly distributed over the stencil and the image is transferred on the fabric. Perfect clothing items for this technique are T-shirts, hoodies or sweatpants. Have them printed with your favorite band or TV series if you attend a concert or a film festival, your favorite city after coming from vacation or print them with funny and clever messages for a bit more individualization. Some puns will make your T-shirt “pun-tastic” and abstract and colorful prints will add a spark to a plain tee. Find your inspiration daily with some of your favorite quotes.

2. Embroidery printing technique

This technique of printing fabrics consists in transferring a digitalized image into a fabric using embroidery machines. The result is going to be a high quality, more detailed and long lasting one. Some fabrics, like nylon are more embroidery-friendly then others, but stiff cotton is also a good base. Small and detailed embroidery will create a dramatic and effective look to a plain white shirt or dress. For example, have a plain white dress embroidered with black thread in a feminine pattern on the bottom half for a dramatic and contrasting appearance. Colorful patterns such as ice-cream cones, lollipops will add a bit fresher look to your outfit, whereas minimalistic ones would be more appropriate for an office look. Moreover, embroidery is the best method of creating a hippie, boohoo, festival appropriate look if that’s what you are going for.

Search the web in order to find the best pattern for you, even it is for embroidery purposes or printing. The Internet is an endless source of ideas all you have to do is to find the right one for you. Mix and match different images, play with patterns and fabrics. Our best advice is to choose for professionals when searching for a printing services company, in order to receive good-quality services. Such items will last you a life if you go for quality.