Most trending tattoos of the moment

Most trending tattoos of the moment

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As with anything else, tattoo trends come and go. So, if you decide to get some ink and want something original and meaningful to you, but you lack inspiration, then you should start looking for an original idea of womens tattoo designs. Fortunately, besides the mainstream sources such as Instagram or Tumblr, there are also plenty of specialized web sites where you can find ideas. We talked to some experts and they told us about their daily requests they have from clients, so that we could compile a brief list of the most popular designs. Feel free to choose one of these and personalize it to match your v style and expectations:


Some of the people who decide to get a tattoo do it because they want to have something, a mark, which reminds them of something important for them as long as they live. Others, are just fond of beautiful body art. No matter what category you belong to, a mandala seems to be a great choice in terms of design, as it has a meaningful significance and it also looks amazing. A mandala is an intricate symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism, having the form of a diagram and representing the universe. In ancient times, the Tibet monks made them out of sand and the moment they finished the wonderful design, they would immediately wipe them off. This is who they became the symbol of transience, of the fact that everything is temporary. Get a mandala tattoo to remind you that no matter what you are going through, it will eventually end.


The social media is now present in our lives, more than ever. For this reason, it is influencing all the aspects of our lives, and body art is no exception. As a consequence, hashtags have become very popular when it comes to tattoos. You are probably familiar with the concept: it is a special type of meta data used to make content viral, or facilitate research. In the virtual space, a word or phrase is normally the summary of an entire concept, feeling or context. Taking into consideration that a brief word represents something that has a meaningful signification in the online environment, a lot of people choose to use this ‘design’ for their tattoos as well. This way, by placing the symbol # in front of the word they want to have inked, they manage to summarize a complex message.


One tattoo design that will never go out of style is arrows. This is due to the fact that they can represent a multitude of things, from a zodiac sign, to aiming in a certain direction, the sense of life or infinity – by association with the aim towards the horizon. Crossed arrows may represent friendship, while in Native Indian culture they mean peace. An arrow through another object is the symbol of courage as one moves forward in life. As you can see, the item can basically mean whatever you want. For this reason, more and more salon customers seem to prefer arrows, in various forms, styles and dimensions.