Superstitions spinning around Baltic amber rings

Superstitions spinning around Baltic amber rings

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Amber has been around for millions of years and it is only natural that this lovely stone would easily attract a number of superstitions. Ancient civilizations strongly believed not only in its healing powers, but also in the magic which seemed to surround it. Baltic amber rings are considered to be high quality jewelry and even though they have traveled the entire world, some women still believe in the sayings regarding them. Most of them relate to unity, love and passion, mainly because of the strong warm colors, but in the same time amber can grant you protection against spells or lost spirits. Here are just a few of the reasons for which some people purchase these pieces of jewelry.

Beside the fact that Baltic amber rings are renowned around the world for their designs, it is said that  this stone can be the main ingredient in many beauty formulas. In old times, women were known to mix up their own elixir, by using an amber stone, which was put inside a bowl filled with water. Left there an entire night, in the light of the moon, the amber would have a strange effect over the water and in the morning when women used it to wash their face, their skin would glow. Furthermore, if you wanted to find your soul mate, then you had to be an amber owner, because it was believed that this stone had the power of bringing love into your life. Moreover, Baltic amber rings were used when proposing, as they helped the couple remain always together and in love. If a woman wanted to bare children, in order to be sure that this would happen as soon as possible she would have to place an amber gem under her pillow. Because amber was regarded as the sun’s rock, wearing jewelry made out of it would give you a bright disposition. Even today, many still believe that the cause for a cheerful attitude is the piece of jewelry and not actually the owner’s virtue. However, not all superstitions about this rock are related to love and beauty. For example in ancient Egypt, the mummies were buried with an amulet made out of amber, because this way they would be protected in the afterlife. Additionally, people from these times thought that if the dead was wearing such a jewelry, then his body would be safe from decay.


Everybody is looking for ways to bring good luck in their daily activities and wearing Baltic amber rings, necklaces or earrings are a great way to do so. The Greeks believed that gods loved this stone and by treasuring a piece of jewelry from this material would help them achieve all their plans. This superstition related to fortune is still kept today in certain corners of the world. There is no way of telling whether amber holds these forces, but one thing is certain, the designs are greatly appreciated and they do have the power of improving an outfit. If you want to test the above mentioned theories, then purchase some amber jewelry and see what changes in your life.

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