This is how to wear an Indian dress

This is how to wear an Indian dress

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Summer season is at an end, which means that you do not have too much time in order to go visit India. If you are planning to go travelling, you should that you will need clothes to keep you cool yet are not too revealing. India is a conservative country, which basically means that it is necessary to pack appropriate items of clothing. An appropriate item for both women and girls is the ghagra choli, namely the traditional outfit for women. This is a unique dress which can be worn for special occasions as well as, particularly festivals. No matter where you choose to wear your ghagra choli, you should know that Indian dresses Sydney are not easy to wear. When dressing in a ghagra choli, it is useful to keep these things in mind.


Pick an Indian dress that suits you

First-time buyers should pay close attention to their body size and complexion when choosing a traditional outfit. Since the ghagra choli is an important element, you have to make sure that you look perfect, which implies determining your body shape and, most important, knowing what your flaws are. If you have, for example, an hourglass figure, you should opt for a flowy fabric. On the other hand, if you have weight issues, you have the possibility of concealing it with the help of the lehenga. Another option would be to wear skin tight jeans. The point is that you should not neglect your body type. Equally important is deciding on the style of the Indian dress. Do you want it to be simple or do you prefer one embedded with multiple decorations? Once you have made a selection, you can purchase your ghagra choli online.

Drape the lehenga dupatta

The lehenga dupatta can be worn in many styles to compliment the style of the dress and your characteristics. If you want to look elegant, all you have to do is to keep it on the right shoulder, making sure that your breasts are covered. It is needless to mention that this will give your appearance a royal feel. Another possibility is to wear the dupatta is around your waist. This is indeed a tasteful look, but if you feel that the scarf does not hold, secure it with a pin on the left shoulder. You will look at the same time slim and your problem areas will not be visible. For a more relaxed look, you can try to pleat the dupatta and secure it with a pin. Keep in mind that the dupatta must fall around your knee.

Do not forget about accessories

The ghagra choli alone will make you stand out, but this does not means that you should refrain from wearing accessories. On the contrary, you are free to wear earrings, bangles and pretty much whatever you like as long as it is from the same story. You can complete your outfit with fancy jewellery. Designer love incorporating accessories into their outfits and so should you.